Family Survival System – Preparing Your Family for the Coming Disaster

Family Survival System - Preparing Your Family For The Coming Disaster
Family Survival System – Preparing Your Family For The Coming Disaster

The Family Survival System was created by one Frank Mitchel who is a survival and certified expert and a member of the United States Armed Forces. He created this system after the realization of the imminent economic disaster that is likely to affect many families. There has been a large number of survival related websites and books since the global financial crisis of 2008. Unfortunately, most of these books and websites are just a jumble of information whose information source might not be credible. The Family Survival System by Frank Mitchel stands from the rest as it provides specific and clear instructions on how to go about these future disasters. The Family Survival System has been set in such a way that you can check what you have accomplished in one item before moving onto the next.

Different Sections

  • The Frank’s Mitchel system is divided into a number of sections, namely:
  • The threats we people face in the US
  • Getting prepared with what might happen in the future
  • The family make up and how it will affect your preparedness
  • The variables such as the wild cards
  • Knowledge, Gear and Skills – The Prepper Triangle
  • The top three skills for preparedness
  • The top ten knowledge checklist
  • The gathering of food, storing it and cooking it
  • Bugging in vs. Bugging out
  • The hybrid situation
  • The home defense for the family that are well prepared

The above sections cover the different areas of prepping like hygiene, power, heat, water, food, survival gear, staying safe, weapons and medicine. You will also get leadership skills from the Family Survival System. Whenever the going gets tough people usually need some guidance, this system will tell you what you should do and not do whenever such scenarios arise.

The Significance of Home Security

Many people will focus on water and food whenever they are preparing for a major disaster. Most people usually forget that one of the biggest perils after the collapse is usually crime. It is therefore important to put a home security in place alongside water and food. This is very important because thugs may just break into your house and steal your unsecured goods. It is important to have a look at what happened in Argentina after the hyperinflation in the year 2001. All the major crimes like robbery, assault, grand theft and burglary went up. These are some of the reasons as to why you should improve your home security.

Improving your Home Security

According to the Family Survival System that was developed by one Frank Mitchel you can make your home burglar free by adopting the following measures:

Getting a dog and the dog’s food. In the event that robbers try to break in your home, the dogs will start barking.

Installing the doorknob alarms which can also run on batteries. In the event power goes off, they will still function when robbers try to break in.

Getting the motion detector lights that are battery operated. Those that are solar powered may not last for a long time.

Clearing the long grass and bushes around your home will help you get rid of criminals and animals that use long bushes and plants as cover.